Personalization, Power, Privacy

The Web today features many tools for personalization. Ideally, these tools would understand a user’s needs, reason deductively and inductively, find information proactively and make choices on a user’s behalf. Bot.Net is developing a living environment for software agents that will deeply personalize services in this ideal way.

Moreover, instead of generating profiles that can be turned against the user, as existing personalization tools do, Bot.Net’s system will guarantee a user’s privacy. Bot.Net’s system will be designed to not only free the user from the desktop or handset while information is gathered and transactions are performed (“automating intelligence”), but also to lock down and hold inviolate the user’s identity, location, and other personal information at each node of the system where information is exchanged.

Bot.Net’s system will increase productivity, trust and security between and among individuals and enterprises.

Bot.Net System

The Bot.Net system consists of 3 main subsystems: “BotServers,” “BotMaster” control panels, and task-specific “MicroBots.” BotServers host MicroBots and serve them with information about the location of other bots, mobility management and networking, ontology/knowledge management, payments, persistency, access to company databases or external systems.

The BotServer will also manage a proxy to the user, allowing communication with her but protecting her identity, location, and other personal information from disclosure.

BotMaster control panels will host MicroBots on the client-side and deal with sophisticated data presentation (e.g. skins, themes) and the exchange of data with the systems for user ontology gathering. MicroBots will consist of two parts – a client side (running on BotMaster, providing a presentation layer and active components or even pure XML or HTML), and a server side (managing logic).